Meadville residents want power back on in Diamond Park

Local News

Some Meadville residents are asking City Council to turn the power outlets in Diamond Park back on for public use.

Lee Scandinaro and Cherice McKenzie presented to Meadville City Council last week to turn the power back on to the outlets that line Diamond Park on every other parking meter.

Scandinaro said the city shutoff the power to those outlets more than a year ago because people would use the power to amplify music.

He also said it would cost around $6 per month.

The duo went around for two days collecting around 200 signatures on a petition to bring to council.

“Electricity is the way to reach people, bring them in the community, have them look at our businesses, have them look at the park we have to offer,” Scandinaro said. 

Scandinario said mayor Leroy Stearns’ office is researching ways to possibly turn the electricity back on in the park.

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