Mechanics on airport property now required to pay $2,000 annual fee & carry $1 million in insurance

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The Airport Authority approves a proposal aimed at keeping unauthorized personnel off of airport property, but members of the aviation community say the board is making a mistake.

Today, the Erie Airport Authority voted to require mechanics working on airport property to pay a $2,000 annual fee and obtain $1 million in aviation liability insurance.

The airport director says the decision comes down to safety and following policies that have been in place for many years. 

Local pilots disagree, saying the rules they’re trying to enforce will hurt the aviation community.

Helicopter Pilot Greg Bamford says, “It’s very hard to explain aviation-related items and ideas to people that don’t understand aviation. You may be able to tell me about a federal aviation regulation and the solicitor can read it and he can give me his legal opinion on it, but he has no idea how it actually effects those of us that are in the flying community.” 

The airport director says the policy officially goes into effect today, but they’ll likely give pilots and mechanics 30-40 days to make the adjustments.

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