As monkeypox spreads all over the world, the first case was confirmed on July 13 in Erie.

Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Howard Nadworny said this outbreak consists of a few ulcers in the lower abdomen or groin.

“So, the fact that it’s here in Erie isn’t surprising to me because people travel all over the country and all over the world and can come in contact with people who have monkeypox,” said Dr. Howard Nadworny, Infectious Disease Specialist.

Dr. Nadworny said, in many ways, monkeypox is not a very severe disease.

“For most people, it’s a very painful illness but it is a self-limited illness that runs its course over several weeks,” Nadworny said.

According to Dr. Nadworny, monkeypox is spread through contact with the virus in the blisters or ulcers. He said it is not an airborne infection.

“So, people that have that intimate contact with somebody who has sores are the ones who are at risk of getting it or people that come in contact with drainage from the sores,” Nadworny said.

Since we do have a confirmed case in Erie, people and their doctors should be looking for it.

Dr. Denise Johnson, Pennsylvania Physician General, said people should not be as concerned about monkeypox as they should be with COVID-19 because it is not as easily transmissible.

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“We are certainly aware of the monkeypox cases, our team has been investigating, checking for close contact to make sure that we notify those contacts and offer them vaccination or treatment as they may need it,” said Dr. Denise Johnson, Pennsylvania Physician General.