Medical marijuana sales on the rise in Pennsylvania

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Medical marijuana sales are on the rise across the commonwealth, which is leading to growth in Erie County.

Many businesses are facing severe hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the medical marijuana industry is booming. Patients using the product say that this has helped changed their lives.

Medical marijuana is said to reduce stress. It is no surprise, then, that it’s a popular prescription in a year like 2020.

“When I was on all the medications I was on before I wasn’t able to eat and I lost a ton of weight and I am still gaining it back. I am able to eat again and stuff with my anxiety disorders and it helps relax my mood sometimes when I am really going through it.” said Sandy Padgett, a resident of North East.

“My quality of life has gone through the roof. I’ve gone back to work, I am working over 40 hours a week. I have a family. We have a hockey family, so we are constantly on the run, but it just feels great to get back to me again.” said Jenn Weary-Irvin.

With many suffering from anxiety, the demand for medical marijuana is rising.

“We did see a spike in demand during COVID-19. We were considered a life-sustaining business. We were very grateful to be open that entire team and saw a demand for our products during that time as well.” said Laura Guncheon, VP, Project Management Office with the Erie Management Group.

Calypso, a medical marijuana plant, broke ground in July of 2018 and since has distributed its products throughout the commonwealth.

The increase in demand for manufacturing is also bringing more jobs to Erie.

“We cannot keep up with the demand. We are in all the dispensaries across the state of Pennsylvania and they are calling for more product, which we just don’t have. Hence, the reason for this expansion, it’s 50,000 square feet and we hope to be in by February. It will bring in 50 full time jobs on top of the 76 we already have.”

Calypso is expected to begin hiring for those 50 new positions in December

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