Meet Dr. Mike Hannan, new acting president of Edinboro University

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Edinboro University has a new acting president and supporters say it’s giving the university a new chance for success.

EUP looks no different now, but if you look closer, there are those who say this is not the same place it was just a few days ago.  There’s a new president in place and with this comes new hope.

Mark Wilson, Senior at EUP, says, “The new president is going to make us feel as though we’re a family.  We can trust him and we’re going to get more kids in here to make the campus better”.  

The new president is Dr. Mike Hannan, a 30 plus year Edinboro veteran.  He follows Dr. H. Fred Walker who resigned following controversial remarks that angered staff and students alike. 

“I am open to their input, sensitive to their concerns that they have, but also to make sure that they understand that, as someone who has had a long-term commitment to the university, that I am going to be stable leadership for them moving forward,” says Hannan.

In his first act as the new president, Dr. Hannan held a series of meetings, met with staff, teachers and also with students. It’s part of his goal; transparency.  A way of thinking the chancellor says goes beyond the presidency.  

“There’s an energy and commitment here that’s way bigger than one person, the love and loyalty of Edinboro University isn’t about one person.”

But, it may just be about a second chance.

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