Meet the Allegheny Health Network Police Force at Saint Vincent

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     Allegheny Health Network has developed a police force to help ensure all Allegheny Health properties are as secure as possible.  The Highmark Health Police Force in Erie consists of six full-time officers who are responsible for all of the Allegheny Health locations including the network’s Cancer Center which is currently under construction across from the hospital as well as the East and West Pavillion offices.  Dr. Chris Clark, President of AHN Saint Vincent says this added security is being welcomed, especially by staff at the hospital.  “The staff have been overwhelmingly positive about this.  I mean, it’s something we’ve all been looking for – ways that we can create a safer environment,” Clark said.  He adds, “So this is in addition to our regular security force. It only enhances that.  But these are sworn, experienced police officers that are here and present 24/7 throughout the year.”

    Officer Bill Ramey is the Police Supervisor for the force.  He says although his officers have only been in place for the last two months, they’ve already seen plenty of action.  “Yeah, I mean, we have absolutely assisted in incidents.  Like I said, our goal is not to see how many arrests we can make here.  Our goal is to deter and deescilate.  And that’s what it’s mostly been about.  Go in and try to calm the situation because we know no one wants to be in the hospital,” Officer Ramey said.

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