Members of Erie County Council weigh in on closure of Erie Coke

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Members of Erie County Council have issued a statement regarding the closure of Erie Coke.

The statement reads in part:

“The decision by Erie Coke to close its doors does not demonstrate the kind of corporate responsibility Erie Countians expect from employers in our region. Municipal governments throughout Erie County have been more than patient in waiting for Erie Coke to comply with basic environmental regulations over the past 22 years. “

Two council members, Andre Horton and Carl Anderson III also expressing their opinions on the matter.

“Working men and women in Erie County, and especially in my district, should not have to choose between their health and a paycheck. This should serve a catalyst for polluters to clean up their act.” Horton said.

Not only does this put 137 Erie County citizens out of a job, but draws attention to the level of greed the owners of this business show our community, especially this time of year. The Coke company owners, instead of taking action and correcting a problem, have chosen to run from it, leaving a wreckage of waste, and hard-working dedicated employees behind.” Anderson added.

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