Members of local nonprofit organizations hope for a better new year

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Many people who depend on work from nonprofit organizations are among those hoping that things get better in 2021.

We spoke with a few people from the Bethany Outreach Center and Mercy Center for Women to hear their resolutions.

Members of the organization said that unity is what they look for in their resolutions. As we all come to an end of an unprecedented year, there is still room for hope come the new year’s resolution.

Many people at the Bethany Outreach Center said that their resolutions are to continue to work in unity and be a good neighbor. One of their goals is to continue to work with other organizations.

“The second one would be to be a good neighbor. Like it’s so important to help the people that are on your block in your community,” said Mabel Howard, Executive Director of the Bethany Outreach Center.

Howard said that the best way to provide hope is to listen to the needs of the people that you are serving.

“We’re here to support anyway we can,” said Allison Tilves, Teacher at Erie Day School.

Women and children at the Mercy Center for Women have some resolutions that they are determined to achieve.

“To continue to be clean of drugs and alcohol and getting an apartment and getting a stable job and becoming productive members of society,” said Lindsay Gilkinson, Resident at the Mercy Center for Women.

The little ones of the center hope to go into the new year with great faith.

“My new year’s resolution is to believe in myself and hope that 2021 is a better year than 2020,” said Jaylee Rice, Resident at the Mercy Center for Women.

“Be kinder to my siblings and not fight with them as much as I normally do,” said Kahiana Mitcham, Resident at the Mercy Center for Women.

Members of these organizations said that we all just have to head into the new year with a positive mindset.

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