Members of the community join together for a walk to raise awareness against child trafficking

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One group is now raising awareness with a walk through downtown Erie while also taking a stance against child trafficking.

We spoke to the organizers of this event about which local non-profit this walk supported.

Organizers claim that they want their voices to be heard while also raising money for the Crime Victims Center.

Members of the community joined together for a walk to raise awareness against child trafficking.

These community members said that they cannot be silent about the issue and that the Crime Victim Center advocates for victims no matter their age.

“They help them. They are there every step of the way. They go with them to their court hearing making sure that their cases are being handled correctly and that these vulnerable children are being taken care of,” said Stephanie Kimbley, Organizer of Save Our Children Walk.

People gathered at Griswald Park to march down Perry Square. Another organizer said that the issue of child trafficking is a problem that is close to home.

“People need to know that its not just some far away thing that happens. It can happen literally anywhere, everywhere and even here in Erie,” said Rebecca Niemeyer, Organizer of Save Our Children Walk.

One mother said that she decided to join the walk in order to support a safer future for her child.

“I have a little baby. I plan to have more kids and they should not be in a world that is okay. That is why I’m here, that is why we’re all here. So we have to fight for them,” said Ashley Miller, Participant of Save Our Children Walk.

For a link to donate to the Crime Victim Center, click here.

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