Memorial Day ceremonies honor fallen soldiers

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Ceremonies, services and parades were held all across the region to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country.

“Freedom is not free” was said again and again Monday.

One WWII veteran, who flew combat and was shot down and held as a prison of war for a year, says he’s fortunate to not be one of those honored this day.

Mills says, “It’s more of like a remembrance day for me. That I can remember some of my friends who I grew up with. They’re all gone now. A couple of them were killed during WWII, one in Europe and one in Philippines. But I think I’m the only one left.”

Mills’ family has military in their blood.

Just like Douglas Sparling, who honored those who fought and died for this country at the parade and ceremony in Findlay Lake Monday morning.

Sparling says, “I’m one of five boys that all served during the Vietnam era. My father-in-law was a WWII veteran, my father was a WWII veteran. I’ve got nephews, one that served in Afghanistan. I’ve got another one that’s in now. Memorial day is to honor my family and honor the guys that have passed away for our country and stuff and gave their time to the country.”

But those who haven’t served this country dedicate their time on memorial day to say thank you to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for everyday freedoms, including a Bugles Across America member Charles Raven.

Raven says, “These men and women were there to give it their all. I’m just trying to help the families deserve a final passage for their fallen veteran.”

Mills says, “I think it’s wonderful to see all these people here, especially on a nice day like today (Monday).”

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