Men honored for restoring historic Erie building

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After doing so much to help restore buildings throughout downtown Erie, Erie Insurance Chairman Thomas Hagen and CEO Timothy NeCastro were honored.
What was once the home to thousands of soldiers is now the home to Erie Insurance. A new piece of art was presented to those who worked to make the building come to life.
Organizers of this ceremony say one reason they wanted to honor the pair is because of how they helped carry on the tradition of the building.

“This armory has played a large part in local history and certainly within the Pennsylvania National Guard, so we are really proud that they have continued the tradition and they’ve repurposed the building,” said Joe Pfadt, President of Warriors to Washington.

One of the men honored reflects on how this building is not only significant to those in the armed forces, but also to the city of Erie. “Its been turned into a wonderful high tech office venue, but more importantly its an iconic venue in Erie, Pennsylvania to so many people who have come here over the years,” said Hagen.

As this historic building has been restored with new technology, company leaders reflect on how its nice to remember the past, while moving into the future.

“Having a historical piece of art is a good punctuation mark on the structure here. This building housed so many soldiers over the years and was such a significant part on our history, our military history in particular. We are so honored to restore this building. Now the building houses one of our most advanced technological functions in the organization,” said NeCastro.

The building will be celebrating its 100th anniversary next year

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