After the U.S. shot down another unidentified aerial object over Lake Huron on Sunday, local political and security analysts are reacting to our nation’s response.

Dr. Joe Morris of Mercyhurst University says the Biden administration is continuing to receive opposing criticism based on how they are handling the unidentified aerial objects that continue to appear throughout the country.

“The first time we saw one, he was criticized for not acting quick enough, and recently, he’s been criticized for maybe being too trigger-happy,” said Dr. Joe Morris, chair of the political science department, Mercyhurst University.

He added that this leaves the president in a difficult situation but that the nation is well within its right to respond.

“These ‘balloons’ are a clear violation of U.S. national sovereignty and the United States has every right to take very aggressive action against them just as any other nation would,” Dr. Morris said.

A technical expert at Mercyhurst said he classifies the balloon that was shot down over the Atlantic as a spy balloon, but the sensors on it remain in question.

“Like we do, the Chinese have got space-based capabilities and different Earth orbits and they can basically pick up a lot of data from space, whether it’s imagery or it’s communications,” said Dr. Fred Hoffman, assistant professor of intelligence studies.

Although the latest unidentified aerial object was shot down in close relation to Lake Erie, Dr. Hoffman said residents should not be concerned about any lingering effects.

“I don’t think we necessarily need to be worried here in the area about falling debris or if you look at where that Chinese balloon was, it was over Montana, and it followed I’m guessing the jet stream,” Dr. Hoffman added.

Dr. Morris said extreme measures being taken by the United States seem unlikely.

“This will probably just be resolved in some sort of diplomatic tussle of some sort but the likelihood that anything significant comes out of this by way of military conflict, I think, is very slim at this point,” Dr. Morris added.

Hoffman said the balloon could be a tactic by the Chinese to see how American citizens respond.