After a former Mercyhurst athlete’s career was put on hold by a heart failure diagnosis, he was able to recover thanks to an organ donor.

Ryan Scoble said it’s something that changed his life and now he wants to raise awareness for how crucial organ donor registration is.

He founded an organization called Lax for Life and Sunday, he along with the Center for Organ Recovery & Education hosted lacrosse games featuring several high school and collegiate teams, all to raise awareness.

“I was down pretty bad, I was diagnosed with late stage heart failure and my outcome was bleak. Again, I just felt held back. Organ donation allowed me to return to things I never thought I would. I was able to come back here to Mercyhurst and finish my degree, come back and play with the guys that I came here to play with the guys that I came here to play with,” said Ryan Scoble, mercyhurst alumni and organ recipient. “This gift gave me so much and it’s only right for me to give back.”

Scoble said he hopes to continue this event yearly here in Erie at Mercyhurst University.