Mercyhurst poll: Trump’s approval rating in Erie County at 41 percent

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ERIE, Pa. — Despite Erie County going red during the general election, a new poll shows that some Erie County residents do not approve of President Donald Trump’s actions.

The poll, conducted by Mercyhurst University’s Center for Applied Politics, found 41 percent of 419 registered voters in the county approve of Trump and 49 percent disapprove.

Sixty percent disapprove of how he is handling relationships with other nations compared to 30 percent that approve.

Fifty-three percent said that Trump’s criticism of the media is unfair while 41 percent say it’s justified.   

The poll is the first of eight that will be done twice a year to evaluate the approval rating of the president.

Despite much of the negativity, 49 percent of people did approve of the way he is handling the economy.

“His approval ratings are relatively low in the county,” Joseph Morris of Mercyhurst University said. “A majority of people do not approve of the job he is doing as president and on every key policy area that he has acted on, a majority of the public disproves of his actions.”

While some people share grievances over Trump’s administration, others are approving.

Erie County turned red in November, helping to elect Trump. The president won the county by nearly 2,000 votes, according to county government.

Some of the locals who helped get him in office are speaking about his performance.

“I think that he made a lot of campaign promises along the way,” Justin Gallagher, regional chair of the Erie County Republican Party, said. “And I think this first month, he’s been trying to act on as many as he can.”

Trump has an average approval rating of 42 percent, according to Real Clear Politics. The agency analyzed data from 12 different polls.

“If you would take the noise away, he has initiated more projects, on more work, on his campaign promises than, I think, any president in the history of the country,” Erie County Republican Party chairman Verel Smiths said.

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