A half-ton spacecraft slammed into an asteroid Monday, and students at Mercyhurst University got to watch as it happened.

The purpose of the hit was to redirect the asteroid’s orbital path. Mercyhurst held a watch party for it’s students Monday because their intel program has an academic partnership with Johns Hopkins, which built the spacecraft.

The party was a hit. Students made space-themed food and some even made tin-foil hats. 

“They’ve all embraced the idea of the space watch party, so they’ve created food, baked goods with a space theme. We’re drinking tang. It’s a great break for them from their day-to-day studies. It’s a great way for them to all get a little social gathering together,” said Brian Fuller, director of operations at Ridge College of Intel.

NASA’s mission was the world’s first planetary defense test. The hope is to one day be able to protect Earth from a potentially catastrophic event.