Mercyhurst University steps up its technology game, partnering with MCPC

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A local college is on the cutting edge of technology, opening the doors today to a new center aimed at cybersecurity. 

 Mercyhurst University is challenging its students to think differently.  A new partnership is taking off with a mission to develop skills and combat an international dilemma.

A project two years in the making comes to fruition at Mercyhurst University.  It’s the grand opening of the MCPC Cyber Education Center.  University President Michael Victor says it’s a facility innovative in its concept and in its design.  “It’s breathtaking. It’s like something out of the future, but the future is now.” 

The center is made possible through a collaboration with MCPC, a Cleveland-based technology company with an emphasis on cybersecurity.  MCPC teamed up with the university to create the facility, but the partnership doesn’t stop there. Victor says, “This is actually where MCPC will operate its business and employ up to 20 of our students at a time. This lab will be operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, dealing with real cyber problems.” 

Students will have a real-time view of cyber threats happening around the world.  The MCPC CEO, Andy Jones, says the program will bring a fresh way of thinking to the operation.  “It was really kind of a match made in heaven of a public and private organization coming together to create opportunities.” 

Former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge also in attendance at the dedication.  “The digital tools are extremely necessary to employers in the future and students graduating from this program will have the digital tools to succeed.” 

Ridge says the world revolves around a digital network and he believes the center will attract both students and businesses to the area. 

Jones says this facility is a major step in creating talent and, hopefully, retaining that talent as well.

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