Mercyhurst University students set sail on the Flagship Niagara for 10 days

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Mercyhurst University is wishing ‘Bon Voyage’ to a group of students as they set sail on the Flagship Niagara.  Their 10-day adventure is a part of a university course titled, ‘Waves of the Past, Leaders of the Future’. 

The students are learning about the history of Lake Erie and how to forge a successful path forward. While aboard, students are trainees, doing every job that the crew does that includes serving as the lookout, changing the sails, and even steering the ship. 

Dr. Benjamin Scharff, History Professor at Mercyhurst University, says, “You’ve got to be at-watch on time, you’ve got to do your job, it’s very serious that everybody plays their role. The ship operates well when everybody’s doing their role.”

Jessica Paige, History Major at Mercyhurst University, says, “I’ve never done any kind of sailing, so it’ll be a whole new experience for me. I can’t wait to learn every new little detail, especially climbing… looks adventurous!”

The group sets sail on Monday.  They’ll be stopping in two ports: Toledo, Ohio and Put-in-Bay.

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