The United States Figure Skating Association has chosen Erie to host their last qualifying event before their nationals.

Competitors were warming up and lacing up their skates for their one chance in impress judges.

“As soon as the music starts, your body takes over,” said Samantha Kosinski, a figure skater for Mercyhurst University. “All the muscle work and memory, it’s amazing.”

Samantha Kosinski, along with dozens of other skaters, are putting their best skills to the test.

Mercyhurst University is hosting their first ever USFSA Intercollegiate National Qualifier.

“So we have a bunch of schools from all the way down from Florida, Virginia, Delaware coming here to compete,” said Anna Zelina, Head Coach of the Mercyhurst University team.

More than 15 universities around the region are going head-to-head to try to win a spot for the 2023 national finals taking place in Los Angeles next month.

“I feel so, so lucky I feel like our team is so, so lucky. We’re a very small team and we were able to get the bid and host,” Kosinski went on to say.

One competitor tells us that although she is fairly new to figure skating, her team has been supportive throughout her training.

“This is a really big for me, especially being a senior, to have my last competition at my home school. We’ve been doing a lot of team bonding. Everybody has worked so hard, and I think they need to know how good their doing,” Kosinski went on to say.

“The nice thing is there’s such a variety and you can be a brand new skater and still compete. You’re still important just as the person who does triple jumps,” Coach Anna Zelina said. “Just the fact of watching them grow and be able to get out there and skate and do their best is awesome.”

If you missed Saturday’s competition, you can attend tomorrow for free. The Mercyhurst figure skating program will also be accepting donations at the door.