Erie Police are investigating the last homicide of 2022, a shooting at a private party at the Metroplex nightclub on Buffalo Road around 11:50 p.m. on Friday.

That shooting left one man injured and another dead. The Erie County coroner identified the victim as Steve Smith, 38.

There have been mixed reactions from community members who live near the Metroplex, with some hoping for an arrest. One neighbor said while the death is tragic, he’s not afraid.

“It’s sad that it happened, but we can’t dwell on that. We have to look forward to and hope for the best, because we don’t know the circumstances of why it happened. We just have to move on. It doesn’t make me scared,” said Beary Clark, reacting to the shooting.

One neighbor said she is frightened by the shooting and had plans to attend that party.

“My friend told me to go out. If I would have went out to the Metroplex, I would have been involved in the incident and I have kids at home. It’s scary to have guns out with kids around. I’m scared with my kids to be outside when they’re shooting and stuff,” said Teyera Sanders, reacting to the shooting.

Meanwhile, Clark remains optimistic about the future of the neighborhood.

“We have a community watch program, we have grassroots, we have a lot of positive stuff going on. We try to take care of our neighborhood,” Clark added.

Erie Police said that part of their investigation includes extensive interviews with those who were at the party that night.

“Detectives are pouring over surveillance, not only of the bar itself but of the surrounding area. We have many many witnesses to speak to and some to be interviewed, so it’s an open and active investigation at this time,” said Deputy Chief Rick Lorah, City of Erie Police.

The other victim who survived suffered a gunshot wound to the arm and received treatment at the hospital.