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Millcreek man sentenced for stabbing mother to death

ERIE, Pa. -- A Millcreek Township man, who fatally stabbed his mother, was sentenced to prison Friday morning.

Michael Burrows, 21, was sentenced to spend 12 to 25 years in prison for stabbing and killing his mother in 2014. Burrows was also sentenced to 15 years on probation and must pay more than $2,000 in fines after he admitted to fatally stabbing his mother, Mary Burrows, in March 2014.

Burrows pleaded guilty, but mentally ill, to a third-degree murder charge in October. The judge deemed burrows severely mentally ill based on evaluations, his low IQ and mental health disorders.

Police said Burrows grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed his mother multiple times in their Millcreek Township mobile home.

During police interrogation video, Burrows admitted to cutting his mother's neck and stabbing her in the stomach but later claimed he blacked out and didn't remember what happened.

However, the main topic during his sentencing was not the events of that night, but rather his upbringing and mental health.

Family members mentioned he had problems in school, a learning disability and a history of mental health issues including alcoholism.

Burrows in tears told the court, "I am very sorry for what happened." Mary's best friend said she does not believe that sentence is enough.

"I hope this eats at him daily and I'm sorry I feel that way but Marylou had a heart of gold, she would help anybody,” Brenda Kiehlmeier, Mary's friend, said. “She was always there for Mike and what he did to her is just sick.”

Many family members came forward, including his brother, saying they believe he is a threat to society. However, his father told the court he believes that he is not a threat.

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