Michael Smerconish reacts to the upcoming impeachment hearings

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Michael Smerconish is a Pennsylvania native who also hosts CNN’s “Smerconish” on Saturdays. At the Global Summit he reacted on the ongoing battle between Democrats and Republicans and the impeachment hearings.

“My take in a nutshell on impeachment is that I don’t think the underlying facts are really in dispute I think the allegations of the whistle blower have been corroborated 6 or 7 times over,” he said.

Steve Scully Political Editor for C-Span was the moderator. He said the upcoming impeachment hearings are a sober and teachable time for the country. “The key thing is that the hearings will be critical because it will be a chance for the public to watch the proceedings, to make up their own mind and hear from the witnesses,” he said.

The next Global Summit will feature Edna Greene Medford on Tuesday November 13th.

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