The line was long and workers on Friday, April 15 as the Maple Pinwheels and Cherry Fritters were flying off the shelves after it was announced that Mighty Fine Donuts would be closing down for a month.

The closure is due to the owner, Kevin Brigaman, will be going through medical treatment.

Folks in line said there’s a reason that the place is so popular.

“Everybody eats them. I don’t know anyone who don’t eat Mighty Fine Donuts. They are perfect donuts to eat,” said Patrice Wall, Erie resident.

Mary Vlahos, a Pittsburgh resident visiting Erie, said she takes some Mighty Fine Donuts back home with her every time she visits.

“First of all, we hope everything goes well with the medical procedure that the person’s having and they have a full recovery and they will be definitely be missed for the four weeks that they’re closed,” said Mary Vlahos, Pittsburgh resident.

Carly Brigaman, the daughter of the Mighty Fine Donuts owner, said it was one of the hardest decisions her father had to make.

“He is going through medical treatment and his health and his well-being come first and we have to make sure that he is the priority. So, this is not an easy decision with him being the head baker. It just means that my dad has to take care of himself and be out for a few weeks,” said Carly Brigaman, Daughter.

Brigman said she is grateful for all the support, especially during such a difficult time for the family.

“It was completely amazing. I was tearing up a lot today, realizing that my grandparents legacy that they started is such a love and such a staple in Erie. Growing up for me, it was always a normal thing. I never thought anything about it, but it really does mean a lot to this entire city and its truly touching my heart to see how much they are supporting my dad,” Brigaman said.

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The exact date that they will open up is not yet known.