Millcreek and Erie Police departments announce a major drug bust involving marijuana

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Millcreek and Erie Police departments announced a major drug bust. Parth Bhatia 24, was selling the drugs involved in the bust. The drugs were found on Tuesday, inside a home on the 500 block of Kahkwa boulevard. Erie county investigators found large amounts of cash and drugs which police said is marijuana. It was an investigation that included undercover drug buys. “People under the influence of these drugs cause crime and other problems,” said chief of police Dan Spizarny. 

Items will be sent to the lab for testing. The market value of all these drugs is $100,000. Both Erie & Millcreek police involved in the bust. “A lot of these cases aren’t specific to one jurisdiction so we work together,” said chief of Millcreek police Scott Heidt. Some of the charges Bhatia is facing are delivery and possession of controlled substance. Undercover officers bought suspected marijuana, THC syringes, suspected Marijuna cigars, and more. Police said the drugs came from out of state. Ted Bloomstine lives a couple of houses away. “I had no idea that was going on,” said Bloomstine. 

Another purchase involving suspected marijuana was set for Tuesday. Bhatia was taken into custody at that location. The preliminary is set for May 23rd. Bhatia’s bond is set for $100,000. 

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