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Some neighbors in Millcreek Township who suffered severe flood damage back in June are still cleaning up more than two months later.  Today, they confronted Millcreek supervisors, asking for a fix to what they say is a clear-cut problem.  

Several homeowners in a west Millcreek neighborhood showed up at Tuesday’s Millcreek Township Meeting because they want answers.  On June 18th, their area experienced severe flooding and they say they know what the problem is.  It’s a 42 inch storm water drainage pipe that flows into a 60 inch pipe along the 4300 block of West 26th Street.  Tom Delefratte is one of those homeowners and he wants an update on where the township stands on fixing it.

Delefratte tells us, “they were… pointing fingers between PennDOT… and everybody else, and it needs to be fixed and what upsets me is that no one knows who put that 42 inch pipe in there because they are the culprit”.

When Senator Dan Laughlin found out about the problem, his construction background kicked in.  He says he knows a problem when he sees one.  “It’s a clear-cut issue, you don’t need an engineering degree to know that, that pipe has got to come out and it has to come out now.”

Township Supervisor, Brian McGrath, says he has known about the problem for years, but the township is going forward with standard procedure and doding things by the book.  “… there is a lot that goes into this, whether it’s state property or private property, we can’t go in and just start digging unless someone wants to end up in jail.”

Laughlin has a different mentality.  “I would say they need to get a work crew together tomorrow and just deal with the problem.  Nobody is going to stop them.”

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