Millcreek Township Police officers got the chance to have some special driving training on Monday.

Police took part in an annual Defensive Drivers Course, consisting of practicing emergency lane changes, hitting the breaks at high speeds, negotiating curves, and overall helping officers learn what their police cruiser is capable of.

It’s important for officers to be familiar with their vehicles so that they can best be prepared for any emergency situation. 

“The vehicle will brake itself even if you don’t touch the pedals while you make your corrections. I thought that was pretty impressive when I first experienced it, because I didn’t know the vehicles did that until I went through the course and felt it,” said Joseph Makowski, corporal, Millcreek Police Department. “Building trust in what your vehicle is capable of doing for the officers is important just like any other action they’re going to take.”

The entire Millcreek Police Department is required to take this driving course each year.