The rain has stopped around here as some Millcreek community neighbors begin a cleanup.

We showed you the problem Tuesday night as residents dealt with yards and roads that had turned into ponds. On Wednesday, some people who have lived in the area for nearly 50 years again made an appeal for help.

Residents off of West 28th Street and McKee Road were recovering Wednesday as they cleaned up their yards and homes from flooding. The rain has finally stopped as homeowners are now left to deal with the after-effects.

There were water marks showing the height of the flooding on some barrels and sheds in yards that showed water levels in the area as several feet high.

“I’m just sick and tired of it. I pay Millcreek taxes that I don’t know what they’re doing with that money. I wish they lived on this block and had a home, and they could see exactly what we go through many times a year,” said Christie Wells, Millcreek resident.

It’s a problem that neighbors said has been around for years and is something that the township has done nothing about.

The township said that there are no issues or blockages with their drain systems, yet neighbors reported that storm drains were overflowing and shooting out of the grates.         

“I think the problem is that they need a much better drainage system, especially in that one section on 28th Street. They’ve had such a problem with that. I have not noticed that much water in this area, and I’ve been here about 50 years,” said Fred Harper, Millcreek resident.

The residents have had to adapt because of the continued problems, raising the elevation of sheds and the tools inside of them, and still, it sometimes isn’t enough.

“He didn’t get them out in time. His lawn mower, snow blower, and a riding lawn mower were underwater. I have mine up on cement blocks and plywood up high because I’ve lost two lawn mowers already in the past years due to this flooding,” Wells added.

Community members hope that after seeing the damage done to people’s homes, Millcreek Township will step in and make changes to the current drainage system in the area.