Residents in Millcreek Township are looking for answers after they said a stray cat they took in was wrongfully euthanized.

Here is more on what residents are saying and how Millcreek Township Supervisors are responding.

The Millcreek Township community is heartbroken after a group of neighbors took in a stray cat named Berkeley that they said was shot and killed and thrown into a dumpster by animal control.

Berkeley was found by a Millcreek woman named Candy Weigel and her neighbors on July 4. They eventually took him in as their own cat.

Weigel recalls the cat being friendly and cooperative, as another neighbor said Berkeley went on walks with her and her family.

“We take our boys for walks everyday. He would come on a walk with us. He kind of knew his boundaries. He would stop because he knew, ‘hey if I travel too far from home,’ you know,” said Ashley Spurgeon, Millcreek Township resident.

This sparked concerns and questions as to how Berkeley was killed.

Spurgeon recalls seeing a post on Erie Animal Network that Berkeley was taken to the Humane Society only to be told he never made it there.

She told us what animal control told her.

“He was wild. He was hissing at me. He had maggots in his ears. He was full of fleas and ticks. He didn’t have a collar on, and all these things so he was euthanized,” said Candy Weigel, Millcreek Township resident.

Supervisor Kim Clear told us the internal investigation will incorporate different perspectives surrounding the case.

“We are going to be interviewing the parties that were involved in the incident, the caller who did make the call to animal enforcement to come and get the animal. We are going to to be speaking to our animal enforcement officer as well as the Humane Society, the ANNA Shelter,” said Kim Clear, Millcreek Township Supervisor.

Supervisor Clear told us what this means for the township moving forward.

“I think one of the most important things we have learned here at Millcreek Township is that we need to look at what policies we have in place, what kind of training we’re giving our animal enforcement officer. We need to take a look at also the directives,” said Clear.

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Supervisor Clear said that the investigation will determine what went wrong and why.