People living in one Millcreek Township neighborhood are looking for answers Tuesday after severe flooding continues to impact area roads and their homes.

Residents along West 28th and McKee Road in Millcreek Township said they are once again asking the township supervisors for help after coming face-to-face with this same problem one too many times before.

“I have probably two to three feet of water in my backyard. The whole neighborhood is flooded. This happens when we get heavy rain,” said Christie Wells, Millcreek Township resident.

“It floods every time it rains in my backyard, but it’s never been this bad. I mean we’re starting to get water in the basement and everything now,” said Nathan Miller, Millcreek Township resident.

But the Millcreek Township neighborhood residents said this is not the first time they have encountered this problem.

“It’s already flooded once, not this bad but due to the heavy rain. We have feet of water,” Wells added.

Residents said this is a repeating problem and that Millcreek Township supervisors are aware.

“Whenever we get a heavy rain Millcreek Township knows exactly what the problem is, but they refuse to fix it because it’s going to cost them money,” said Chuck Felix, Millcreek Township resident.

Supervisor Clear of Millcreek Township said the issues the neighbors are experiencing are being discussed along with solutions to the problem.

“We’ve been working on our storm sewers actually 365 days out of every year. Right now, everything is flowing. We have no blockages anywhere right now. Our Public Works Department is out there assessing where the flooding is occurring, but like I said, we have been preparing for this for days,” said Kim Clear, Millcreek Township supervisor.

Supervisor Clear said the best way to report a problem is through Millcreek Township’s website.