Millcreek residents voice concerns over flooding issue

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Residents say flooding happens in the area of West 28th and Mckee about three to four times a year and they just want something to be done about it. 

Imagine walking out of your house after a rainstorm and your neighborhood is flooded. That’s the reality for many residents who live in a Millcreek Township neighborhood. “It comes up the storm sewage drainage here and it can’t handle the water and then it comes up over the banks and into our yards,” said Christie Wells, Millcreek resident. Wells says she spends hundreds of dollars replacing items in her backyard after it floods. “You really can’t have anything nice in your backyard because you’re afraid it’s going to flood,” said Wells. 

Ginny Torrelli was able to kayak through her neighborhood last year due to severe flooding. “I’m not sure what all Millcreek has to jump through, what hoops with PENNDOT or whoever to fix the problem, but it hasn’t been done yet,” said Torrelli. Residents say that the overflow of water comes from storm grate openings and even ends up in some of their basements. Roger Herrmann’s basement was flooded last year and it cost him hundreds of dollars to fix it. “The damage you can fix all that, it’s more or less the you still have to go to work the next day and you know that your house is completely trashed,” said Herrmann. As recently as this week, residents in the area voiced their concerns during the Millcreek Township supervisors meeting. The township says they will continue to have discussions with residents about fixing this issue. 

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