Millcreek School Board meets to discuss budget and taxes.

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With Erie school district considering shutting down its high schools come the 2017 -2018 school year. The students would have to attend other districts. One being Millcreek. 
The superintendent  and school board president say Mcdowell High School is already at is capacity and adding additional students would be a struggle. 
This all happening as Millcreek school board passes a $95 million  budget for the 2016- 2017 school year.  In the budget, a real estate tax increase of about 1.45%.
This means about a $19 increase for a $100,000 house in the district. 
They say adding additional students come 2017-2018 cold possibly require them to raise taxes yet again. With more student they say more supplies will have to be purchased including desks, computers and ipads. Their other concern is, what they will do with all the extra supplies and staff once the city schools get a hand on things.
Superintendent William Hall says, “If we had to take kids we would take them enthusiastically and we would provide them with world-class education here in Millcreek.”

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