Millcreek School Board members approve renovation plans for Erie County Technical School

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It’s a yes for Millcreek School Board members on the voting for the renovations at the Erie County Technical School.

This comes after the Millcreek School Board originally voted no on the renovation plans because they were unhappy with how much hey had to pay. However, a recent change to the formula allowed them to pass the project tonight.

At the latest Millcreek School Board meeting, members voted no to the renovations plan for the Erie County Technical School.

Voting yes to the technical school renovations project was not an easy decision for members of the Millcreek School Board.

“The 34 million dollar project on our part was 12.1 million and that motion failed because a big part of the board, the five prevailing votes really thought going forward any new projects should have a new formula,” said Gary Winschel, Board President of the Millcreek Township School District.

To come to an agreement the Erie County Technical School Joint Operating Committee proposed a change to the agreement in 2024.

The new formula would be based on participation which is the number of students from a district instead of a current market formula which is the total assessed value of property in the district.

This turned the no vote into a yes at the meeting on September 27th.

“In 2024 the formula will change based on participation, not current market value. Should we go from roughly a 36% piece of a payment will go down to what it would be 17 for future projects,” said Winschel.

Even though Millcreek School Board members voted yes, the project still lays in the hands of other school members.

“If any of the remaining school districts and boards will vote this down then the project does not stop. So the next step is up to the Vo Tech and Joint Operating Committee whether they want to proceed,” said Winschel.

“The students are what this is all about, and this construction project is vital to making sure the facility of it that they have a chance to work in good lighting, the roof doesn’t leak, the pipes aren’t leaking, all that,” said John Diplacido, Board Member of the Millcreek Township School District.

The bid closes on Tuesday September 28th at 2 p.m.

The other districts in the past voted yes and Winschel thinks it will happen again.

Now there are a total of 11 districts voting on the project, and if one district votes no this could put the whole project on pause.

Winschel said that he is expecting a positive outcome on September 28th from the districts.

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