Millcreek School District hard at work searching for new superintendent and changing it’s nicotine policy

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Major changes are expected to take place at Millcreek School District.

School Board members tonight approved a service to help search for a new Superintendent and the approval of a new nicotine policy.

Millcreek School District is hard at work making changes for the future of it’s students. Those changes include the search for a new superintendent and major changes for a nicotine policy.

The search is on to fill the role for a new superintendent at Millcreek School District.

This comes after former Superintendent William Hall stepped down for retirement, leaving a big space to fill.

“It’s on of the most important thing the board can do. We want to take our time and we want it done right, both of these vendors according to references have a lot of good things,” said John Diplacido, President of Millcreek School Board.

Board members agreed on Ray and Associates, an executive leadership company that looks to help the board recruit superintendent candidates.

Millcreek residents will also have the chance to voice their ideas for a potential superintendent candidate through a questionnaire.

Another topic discussed was the use of vaping products by students.

“Our board is moving to change the policy so not only are students facing a fine for activity, they can also face a summary citation,” said Darcie Moseley, Assistant Superintendent for Millcreek School District.

Moseley tells us there has been a 400% increase in the usage of vaping products just in the past year.

The district’s fine could be up to $150 if caught vaping or using nicotine products on school grounds.

School board members tell us it’s their goal to continue to keep the students safe and healthy, especially on school grounds.

“Putting their safety first and really hopefully restricts that activity and gets families to take a second look I think is going to be very beneficial,” said Mosely.

The school board also approved the short term lease for the Montessori building on Sterettania.

A townhall meeting for residents to ask questions about the plan will take place on March 3rd.

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