The 6.1 million dollar deficit that Millcreek School District was facing for their budget this year has now been lowered, but this will cost tax payers more money.

Millcreek School District has lowered the projected deficit for the 2022 budget to 2.1 million dollars after raising taxes to four percent and finding areas to save money without making any cuts to programs.

Right now the revenue is around 112 million for expenditures.

Aaron O’Toole said that they estimated the costs from their vendors such as healthcare to be higher than what they were.

After receiving the numbers from vendors, it ended up being cheaper than expected which saved the district money which lowered the deficit.

“Our original estimates are high and so when the vendors came back with concrete numbers it was more of a savings that we weren’t anticipating given the inflation market environment that we are in today,” said Aaron O’Toole, Chief Financial Officer for Millcreek School District.

There will be a vote on the final budget at the school board meeting on May 23.