Millcreek School District to pay nine million dollars as part of the renovations at the Erie County Tech School

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Millcreek School District will be paying nine million dollars as their part of the renovation at the Erie County Technical School.

District officials are conceding their hopes of changing that number will not happen.

Millcreek School District is giving nine million dollars to the renovation of the Erie Tech School more than any other district in Erie County and that is due on the formula for how it is determined.

“The current formula is based on the assessed tax value of properties in each of the districts,” said Dr. Ian Roberts, Millcreek Township Superintendent.

Dr. Roberts said that Millcreek is fully supportive of the renovation, but this request to change the formula is nothing new. In fact this is the third request.

“Our continued request for a change in the formula because we believe we have an obligation to our stake holders and our tax payers,” said Dr. Roberts.

According to Dr. Roberts, what the formula should be in the future for all Erie County school districts.

“We believe in an equality standpoint and we want to offer that the formula to change based on enrollment numbers based on how many students attend the Erie County Technical School,” said Dr. Roberts.

All in all Millcreek School District has high hopes for the new renovation.

“The idea is hopefully we have a state of the art VO tech school so learn the skills they need to be qualified. So therefore once they graduate they can enter the workforce trained and qualified,” said Aaron O’Toole, Director of Finance and Operations.

Dr. Roberts will be a part of a council with three other superintendents on what changes can be made for future decisions on attempting to change the formula.

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