Millcreek Township Supervisors are motioning to approve a resolution that they say will beautify the area around Presque Isle State Park.

Millcreek Supervisors are hoping the Presque Isle Gateway Plan will go into effect within the next few years after thorough planning over the last six to seven years.

Millcreek Township Supervisors motioned to approve a resolution Tuesday morning that they say will add new amenities to West 8th street and solidifies the vision they would like to see for the Presque Isle Gateway District and West 8th Street.

The resolution will involve streetscaping, lighting, and placing power lines underneath West 8th Street.

Supervisor Kim Clear said they are also passing ordinances that impacts the growth of the area, such as buildings needing to be 20 feet from the road when constructed, and bike lanes.

“Basically what we would like to do is we would like to see Presque Isle be highlighted with the gateway district. So you don’t just go to Presque Isle to enjoy the beach, or the sand, or the walking and the activities, you have something else to do while you’re down there as well,” said Kim Clear, Millcreek Township Supervisor.

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