Millcreek Township is creating a paid fire department and is looking to hire a full-time paid staff.

James Rosenbaum, the fire chief of the West Ridge Fire Department, said the new hires will be township employees that will be used to supplement their volunteer forces. He added that they are looking to hire eight career firefighter positions and a fire chief.

The staffing will be split on the east and west side of Millcreek Township to provide full coverage. These new additions are expected to increase their response times and productivity.

“The key to survival, whether it’s a medical emergency, fire, a rescue situation, is arriving there quickly. In order to do that, it’s really imperative that you have forces that can respond to these immediately, rather than what has been done for the past 80 to 100 years in Millcreek Township,” said Fire Chief James Rosenbaum, West Ridge Fire Department.

Rosenbaum said the hiring process will begin January 2023 with the fire chief being the first position filled then other positions shortly after.