Millcreek Township fined for contaminating the bay

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Millcreek Township is paying a fine after the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission found them responsible for contaminating water in the bay.

According to Millcreek Supervisor, Dan Ouellett, in January there was a break in a sewer pressure line from a sanitary pump station at the bottom of the Peninsula Drive.

The underground break caused raw sewage to make its way down onto Scott Run which empties out into the bay, resulting in a $500 fine from the fish and boat commission.

“It’s iron pipe, it is underground, it is subject to deterioration. We do our best to monitor situations like that,” said Dan Ouellett, Millcreek Supervisor.

Ouellett says not to worry though, this is not a common occurrence. This type of incident calls for more routine checks on the underground piping.

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