Millcreek Township’s Comprehensive Plan draft released

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After 18 months of surveying and discussion, a Millcreek township document will be unveiled tonight at a public meeting. 

The public will see how the plan is setting the vision, objectives, and goals of the township over th next 10 years. A township document that has taken 18 months to put together is finally being released:  the Embrace Millcreek Comprehensive Plan.

The plan is setting the vision, objectives and goals of the township over the next decade.  After a number of public meetings and surveys, the focus areas in the plan were determined by the residents.

Improving and updating infrastructure in the township is a major focus.  That includes fixing the roads ridden with potholes and managing stormwater.

John Morgan, Millcreek Township Supervisor, says, “We’ve modified our paving program to address residents concerns, we’ve rearranged Department structuring to better address code enforcement issues.”

In addition to the infrastructure updates, the Embrace Millcreek plan also includes a number of enhancements for the township, like turning West 8th Street into a Main Street feel for residents and tourists.

Morgan says, “We’ve had a lot of interest from business owners on 8th Street to enhance the streetscape there, make it more of a walkable, mixed-use area. We’ve had a lot of interest from residents to make Presque Isle more accessible.” 

Some plans include putting a multi-use trail down Peninsula Drive, adding sidewalks, street trees, and having more flexible zoning to attract local businesses is important.  Business and property owners along West 8th Street have been giving their input. 

Chip Riehl, Manager of Colony Plaza, tells us, “I think tying the Peninsula in with the area around it, both from a traffic perspective and a tourist perspective, is a great way to do it.”

While some aspects of the plan will be addressed immediately, the Gateway to Presque Isle idea could take 5-10 years to implement.  

With the overall goal of the comprehensive plan; a better Millcreek Township.

The public meeting to unveil the plan to residents and hear their thoughts is happening right now at McDowell Intermediate High School.

If you can’t make it to the meeting, but want to check out the plan, you can click here to read more.

They want to hear residents’ comments and feedback.  Morgan says this is not a done deal yet.  The township wants to have meaningful dialogue about this plan before the board finalizes it in August. 

Morgan says the plan is a draft and that the township has 30 days to change things.  That being said, they’re anxious to hear what the public’s thoughts are at the meeting tonight.

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