Millfair Road project expected to begin next week, mixed feelings from residents

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What PennDOT is calling the Millfair Road Improvement Project, some residents in the area are saying will not be an improvement.

Brian Trick says, “I just don’t think it’s necessary. There’s easier ways and ways that are cheaper financially to do it.”

The $12,532,336.69 project is set to begin as early as Monday. PennDOT says it is funded entirely with federal funds.

It will include a single-lane roundabout at the intersection of Route 5 and Millfair Road.

Pam Ormsbee says, “People go so fast on west lake road. I did go to one of the municipal building meetings about this and the point was brought up that people go too fast on west lake road. And there answer was ‘we will put a speed limit sign up.’ like that’s going to make a different with some people.”

The project also includes two, 115 foot bridges on Millfair Road to go over the Norfolk Southern and CSX train tracks, which the Lake Shore Fire Department says will help emergency crews.

Darryl Tavernese, chief, says, “Response time is going to be easier when we go to the south. Going to the west isn’t going to change too much, but it is probably going to lower the speed of some of the cars through there, so it lowers the probability for accidents.”

Ormsbee says, “If they need a north south route, I would gladly have them use that, but I don’t want other people to take advantage of it.”

The project will also widen the intersection of Millfair and Route 20 to add left turn lanes from Route 20 to Millcreek Road, as well as a new traffic light.

Millcreek Supverisor John Groh says he agrees with the building the bridges, but doesn’t agree with the roundabout.

Groh says, “It’s just the money that’s being spent when that money could be used on other projects. I’m not saying it’s not a worth while project, but we have other things that have a higher priority – at least in my view and at least one of the other supervisors.”

However residents are not looking forward to nearly two years of construction.

Trick says, “It’s going to be an inconvenience. Like I said it’s a done deal so it’s something we’re going to have to live through.”

Ormsbee says, “I can’t imagine getting to and from places. Like which way am i going to have to go?”

The project is scheduled to be completed in September of 2018.

PennDOT says detours will be announced in advance and urges everyone to slow down in work zones and pay attention to workers.

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