Minimal funds for sand replenishment could mean beach closures

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Just a month away from the start of beach season,Presque Isle is still struggling to replenish beaches without proper funding.
Presque Isle State Park was just named the best fresh water beach in the nation by USA Today, but it looks like not every beach may be on display due to the lack of funds for sand replenishment.
“We are not anticipating having to close beaches”said Park Operations Manager Matt Green”but it is a possibility depending on how far the sand goes “
The park has 500 thousand dollars rolling over from last year but that money will only stretch so far.
“With that 500 thousand” said Green “were are going to get about 16 or 17 thousand cubic yards of sand that is out at north pier right now moved and spread on certain hot spots on the beaches where we had more erosion than others those are really Mill Road beaches we couldn’t open those right now if we wanted to because of the erosion.”
The park operations manager reaching out to Federal and State legislatures for assistance with funding.
“Anything we can do within Representative Bizzaros power we will do”said Amy Schmidt Chief of Staff for Rep Ryan Bizzaro “to advocate for more funding from the state.”
Though legislatures are advocating for funds, park officials will not receive any state funding until July.
“Probably going to be after July 1st” said Green “kind of time frame for that to happen so we’ll deal with the first kind of go around with the 500 thousand that is left then work to something after the holiday for 4th of July ”  
Presque Isle beaches will open Memorial Day weekend.

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