Minnesota bride-to-be shooting update

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One of the officers involved in the deadly police shooting of a bride to be in Minneapolis is revealing new details today.

An independent investigation has revealed that Officer Matthew Harrity and Officer Mohammed Noor responded to a 911 call Saturday night about a possible assault; that call made by Justine Damond.  

Officer Harrity was driving and told investigators they were coming down the alley in search of a suspect with the squad car lights off when they were startled by a loud noise nearby.

Damond approached the driver’s side window and then Noor, in the passenger seat, fired his gun across the car and through the open driver’s side window.

According to Minneapolis TV Station, KARE, Officer Matthew Harrity was “stunned” when his partner opened fire.  

Dan Abrams, ABC News Chief Legal Analyst, says that it is “pretty clear that this ended up being a violation of their policy.  Meaning, they are supposed to turn on their body cam’s.”

The District Attorney spoke out for the first time last night and said there will not be a grand jury.  Instead, he will decide on his own if he will prosecute the officer involved.

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