Testimony reveals the defendant in a Lake Erie homicide case may have had a plan to kill his wife for more than a decade.

Neither the prosecution nor defense deny Christopher LeClair was living a double life.  Today, we’re learning just how involved that double life was and how it could’ve played a role in the tragic events that took place last summer.

What could’ve been a typical day on Lake Erie for Christopher LeClair and his wife, Karen, took a dark and devastating turn.  Now, 49-year-old Christopher LeClair is on trial for criminal homicide after 51-year-old Karen LeClair’s body was found tied to an anchor with a gunshot wound to the head.

But, the third day of prosecution testimony tells us the circumstances leading to her death began long before that boat ride last June.  Two different witnesses say LeClair told them of his plans to dump his wife into the lake and make sure no one could find her.  One of those statements allegedly dating back to 2011; the other 2004.

The woman at the center of Leclair’s double life also taking the stand; the defendant’s girlfriend, Tracy Butler.  She says for years she was led to believe Karen Leclair was living in Florida or with a friend.
Butler says the defendant told her they had almost no relationship, even adding that his wife was dying from cancer, which we now know was not true.

Text messages reveal Butler and LeClair said they were in love; the two even trying to have a baby.  Butler admitting she gave the defendant an ultimatum: commit to her that summer or it would be over.

The prosecution says LeClair shot his wife because he thought that was his way out.

The defense claiming Karen LeClair knew of the affair, and as a result, took her own life that day on the boat.

A medical expert also testified this morning, claiming the bullet wound is more consistent with a suicide than a homicide.  But, the question still remains; will Christop