More electric car charging stations coming to Erie amid popularity in electric cars

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An increasing interest in electric cars brings more charging stations to Erie, as high gas prices in the region is one reason why some are making the switch.

According to car dealership staff, customers say they want to buy an electric car since they are not traveling as much and gas prices are so high.

Electric cars are growing in popularity. A variety of charging stations for the public to use for free throughout Erie. Staff from one local car dealership say they have received calls about purchasing an electric car.

“Tired of the gas prices fluctuating up and down, electric cars are different. They’re neat and they’re quieter.” said Joseph Bizzarro, Interstate Nissan.

Nissan and other car dealerships sell electric cars that can travel about 100 miles before needing to be charged for about four to eight hours. Bizzarro says as soon as they receive electric cars, they are sold right away. Now, they are releasing a car that can travel even farther.

“250 miles until a full charge. I think people are more interested in that because of the distance that they can travel.” Bizzarro said.

Multiple charging stations will soon be active at Presque Isle State Park and available for public use.

“We’re gonna have four different chargers at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center. We’ll have two down at the Presque Isle Marina and two down at Beach 8. We’ll probably look at doing additional chargers when we do enhancement projects at other beach locations.” said Matt Greene, Park Operation Manager at Presque Isle State Park.

Greene says these chargers will fill a void and make Presque Isle more accessible to the eco-friendly cars.

“We’re also hoping that attracts other people that may have electric vehicles that may not have come to Presque Isle because they were worried about the range and everything. We’re hopeful that we’re going to get more electric vehicles out of this.” Greene said.

The chargers at Presque Isle will be up and running by the end of June, giving more visitors options on where they can travel.

Some convenience stores, like the Country Fair in Edinboro, will also be offering a charging station.

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