More people are turning from opioids to medical marijuana to ease their pains

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To avoid opioids and possible addiction to them, many are turning to medicinal marijuana.  Statistics show medical marijuana has seen a rise in state and public support and it’s become a growing and prosperous industry. 

Many people are getting help at Erie’s first medical marijuana dispensary, Rise Erie that has been open for two months now.

There is growing evidence for the medical benefits of marijuana.  Pete Kadens, CEO of GTI, the parent company of Rise Erie, tells us, “I am incredibly proud, not only to be a part of what’s happening here in Erie, but to be a part of what we’re doing across the country.  Across seven states we are one of the largest operators in the country; over 50 licenses across seven states and I’m proud every day when I come to work because we’re helping a lot of people. “

And, Pete isn’t the only one helping the cause.  Former NFL Football Player Eugene Monroe voices his support for medical marijuana.  He used it to fight pain from his football injuries and is now a GTI partner.  He says, “medicinal marijuana has literally eliminated all of the medications I was prescribed by my doctor; whether it was the anti-inflammatory drugs or the opiod drugs. I was prescribed a number of different opiods to deal with injuries from playing sports and I don’t take any of those and I feel good.”

Many people who suffer from chronic pain come to Rise Erie and meet with a patient care specialist.

Pete says, “really, the goal of Rise Erie is to keep expanding, to keep delighting patients, to keep servicing them and helping them with their ailments, and just to continue to grow, we have 15 employees here, as more physicians come online and start certifying patients. “

Cannabis is currently being used to help people fight symptoms associated with cancer, AIDS, spinal cord injuries, lupus, and many others.

Pete Kadens was also our NewsMaker this evening.  You can see his full interview below:

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