After getting lots of snow in Erie, around ten inches of snow overnight, plow crews are working hard to clear the roads, but not without creating a huge build up of snow along the streets in Erie.

It’s another added challenge on top of trying to just clear the streets. Now the snow mounds are so big it makes it hard for residents to see oncoming traffic or to shovel out cars.

Another winter weather advisory leaves Erie with more snow, but this time with another challenge. Big mounds of snow built up along the sides of roads from the plows.

For residents like Jonina Lynn, trying to simply clear out her driveway has become a struggle.

“I was out here for like two hours and as soon as I cleared my driveway out, a plow truck just came and then just filled it all the back up. I was so livid,” said Jonina Lynn, Erie Resident.

To help her out even more, the whole family had to pitch in.

“The kids have even been helping me shovel, that’s how bad it’s been,” Lynn said.

It’s residents like Lynn who have had a tough time navigating around this much snow. This has the City of Erie Streets Department constantly checking in to see what more they can do to help.

“Once we get to thawing weather when we hit the 40’s, we will start removing snow in some spots if we have to,” said Jeff Gibbens, Superintendent of Erie City Streets Department.

The superintendent of the Erie Streets Department explains some challenges of trying to remove those big mounds of snow.

“A lot of the mounds you can’t even tell if there is a car in them. So that is one of the biggest challenges right now. The car issues are our biggest problem right now because people are not parking on the right side of the street,” said Jeff Gibbens, Superintendent of Erie City Streets Department.

Lynn however wants to see progress with removing the snow.

“You know we can’t control Mother Nature. though. If it snows, it snows though, but I mean I think they should do something better with plowing especially if they could plow the streets or have someone on a Jeep or something plowing the sidewalks,” Lynn said.

The superintendent of Erie City Streets Department said that right now the focus is to open up cross overs in between the boulevard.

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Gibbens wants to remind everyone to check the winter parking regulations and move your car to the correct parking in order to make it easier to plow the streets.