An annual obstacle course race returned to Presque Isle State Park.

“It’s fantastic, we’re having fun hardest thing I’ve ever done definitely but so worth it,” said a pair of particpants.

It’s 10th annual Barber Beast on the Bay event and more than 1,000 participants ran a 10-mile course through sand, water and trails

Runners have to climb, jump and crawl across more than 30 obtacles. The race raising funds for the Barber National Institute.

Even after completing the course, Jake Wilson said he understands why so many people want to be part of this event.

“I think once somebody does it one time they tell there friends about it and you have a nice little comradery at the end. How postive it is. I can see why its growing,” said Wilson.

Several spectators said they were inspired by the dedicated participants.

“He’s a diabetic, and he trains for this and it’s very difficult for him to get through this but he does it and he does it every year, so I’m very proud of him and that’s why I’m here,” said Joe Bricher, father of a participant.

“Enjoy everybody, the comradery out here and cheer people on, and it’s fun. I’m glad to share memories with people too,” said Tami Hritzay