More than 200 people participate in Erie’s Pridefest

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Activist Kyle Lambing sported a different kind of outfit today.
Over his clothes, he wore the pride flag as a cape but that’s not all.
“I’m also wearing a few pins, a Planned Parenthood pin and a resist pin because we are going to resist the people that don’t support us — the people that don’t want to give us rights that everyone deserves to have,” Lambing said. 
He took part in Erie’s largest Pride Parade yet, with around 250 participants.
Individuals joined in on the march, but organizations showed their support as well. 
The Erie Roller Girls told us equality is something any group should get behind. 
“We should all stand up for the people who can’t stand up for themselves. We should all stand up for the people who are in a minority class who can’t take care of that for themselves,” said Goldie Rocks from the Erie Roller Girls. 
The NWPA Pride Alliance President Alex Sphon said the LGTBQ community has made great strides throughout history but there’s still a lot of work to be done.
He told us that’s why joining in solidarity is so important. 
Sphon said, “The LGBT, like any minority, can tend to be forgotten at times so it’s important to come out and celebrate who we are and to show that the minority exists in the city — beyond what most people think.” 
Now more political leaders than ever before have joined in on the community’s mission.
Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper said the huge turn out speaks for itself. 
“I think it’s a testament to the growing energy around the LGBTQ community and what they’re fighting for,” Dahlkemper said. 

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