Venues in downtown Erie are allowing a cashless option for their guests, while another is going completely cashless in one area during events.

The staff of all three venues said that using the cashless method helps to move lines quicker and get people inside.

The assistant general manager of the Erie SeaWolves says the decision to go semi-cashless was made prior to the beginning of the 2022 season.

“All of our main concession stands still accept both forms of payment — both cash and electronic — and then our portable stands that are located throughout the ballpark, we equip them with all of the devices that you need to take cards, so we went cashless on those,” said Greg Gania, assistant general manager of the Erie SeaWolves.

The executive director of the Erie Philharmonic said he believes the Philharmonic will go cashless for ticket sales only on the night of concerts.

“To be honest, it’s almost been that way for the past years. Many of our tickets are sold ahead of time and we almost never do any cash sales,” said Steve Weiser, executive director of the Erie Philharmonic.

Guests attending Erie Otters games at Erie Insurance Arena will now experience cashless being the only option in one part of the arena.

“Right now, just the concession stands and that’s probably where it will remain for the biggest lines,” said Gus Pine, the executive director of Erie Events.

Staff for multiple venues in downtown Erie said the cashless option provides shorter wait times and easier access getting in and out of the building.

“I do think that eventually, you will see more and more venues going to the completely cashless model. We aren’t there just yet, but there are things like speed of service and fewer chances for theft,” said Gania.

“It helps us get through our patrons so much quicker. When we do have those long lines, we’re giving away vouchers, we’re redeeming tickets, we’re having will call. The quicker we can get so many more patrons through, the quicker it’s going to stop people from having to wait outside,” said Weiser.

“In the building, I’ve talked to a lot of people, and they go with the flow. I think they appreciate they’re moving through the lines quicker and that’ll get better over time as we get used to our new system,” said Pine.

Gania said the box office at the arena will still accept cash.