After brutal winter weather forced officials to shut down Presque Isle State Park, it’s now mostly open.

However, park rangers are telling folks to still be safe because there are still dangerous winter weather hazards you need to know about.

Most of Presque Isle State Park is back open, but from Beach 11 to the East Pier is still closed because of hazardous ice conditions and drifting. You need to be careful on the roads.

“The roads do get icy and slick. We don’t salt because it’s a natural area so just drive slow. Make sure you are layered properly, make sure your gas tank is full, and you got a charged cell phone. You got your supplies just in case,” said Bryan Hogan, chief ranger, Presque Isle State Park.

You also need to be aware of the dangers of ice dunes.

“Ice dunes splash up and they form, but they are hollow and they can be over actual water. They are uneven too. If you climb on them, it’s a tripping hazard and slipping hazard,” Hogan added.

You could fall through 7 to 8 feet of water.

Hogan continued, “if you are not with someone, you may even have a tough time getting out of there,” and added to come and enjoy the park and the ice dunes but be sure to use safe common sense.

“They are really nice to look at but do them from the beach area on the edge of the beach,” said Hogan.