Mother who grew up in non-vax household makes decision to vaccinate children

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With the nationwide measles outbreak now reaching Pennsylvania, one local woman is making the decision to vaccinate her child after growing up in a family against vaccinations.

This woman’s story set off a firestorm on Facebook when she made the announcement she would vaccinate her child. She says she hopes it will open a discussion for others.

Abbey Clint tells us, “There is six kids in my family and by the third kid, there were complications with the pregnancy and the doctors… Basically, my mother lost trust in the ways the doctors handled things.”

Abbey says growing up, she never thought about the dangers of not being vaccinated. 

It wasn’t until a conversation where she learned her mother-in-law almost died when she’d contracted German measles that Abbey decided to take what she calls a calculated risk, comparing it to getting in a car.

“For whatever reason, we decided collectively that cars aren’t bad enough; that we weren’t going to drive them. Vaccinations are safer, so much safer.”

Dr. Michael Salsan, Chairman of Pediatrics at UPMC Hamot, tells us, “the vaccinations are really very important. There is clear data to indicate they are safe and effective.”

Doctors say the best time to vaccinate your child is as soon as possible. For the measles vaccination, that would be between 12 to 15 months of age.

Dr. Balsan says vaccinations are like every medical procedure. “There is a risk and a benefit. From my perspective, there is no question that vaccines are safe and effective. The risk is much, much less than the potential benefit.”

Now, just over 100 miles in Pittsburgh, PA, our ABC affiliate, WTAE, reporting on Pittsburgh’s first reported case of the measles. 

Clint says although her parents are not happy with the decision, she’s happy with her decision to go ahead and vaccinate her child.

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